About Sally

Personal Stylist

I have two Amazing kids that I have raised on my own. I am a women with a sense of fashion and the embellished Jeans always caught my eye. I’m a Harley Girl and I ride my own, I have been riding for over 47 years and it’s my wind therapy to get out on the open road. I also ride horses as well. The boot cut jeans are perfect for cowgirls and Harley riders. They are also perfect for that every day girl. I am always getting new styles as they come out and I have a great eye for the bling. All the Jeans I sell are very comfortable to wear and they have a really good fit and quality.

My Story

How I Got Started

In May 2014 I came up with this idea to start my own business in selling jeans so that I would have all the styles I needed as this is all I pretty much wear. I did my research and found some great companies where I could purchase them wholesale and also sell to the public at a much lower price. My Business took off very well and I am still going strong.  I always aim to please my customers.